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've worked both sides. i want you to listen to john guy and the prosecution's rebuttal. what has the jury heard last? they heard both closing arguments, they heard the instructions from the judge. let's listen to john guy here. >> let's start at the 7 h-eleve where tha child had every right to be where he was. that child had every right to do what he was doing, walking home. that child had every right to be afraid of a strange man following him, first in his car and then on foot. and did that child not have the right to defend himself from that strange man? did trayvon martin not also have that right? >> so, holly, help us understand here. obviously the prosecution has a fallback strategy of having some charge that could involve child abuse also get them a conviction. child, child, child. trayvon martin was 17 years old. effective there or overdone? >> no. what you're doing, as a trial lawyer, you don't just want to talk about facts in evidence, john, you want to connect with that jury, so you want to talk about universal truths. you want to use themes. and what john guy is doing, and ver
underneath trayvon martin as initially suggested and john guy went to great lengths to prove it in court and we saw defense attorney mark o'mara jump right on that argument. george zimmerman answered the question on everyone's mind, would he testify. >> have you made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in this case? >> no, not at this time. >> i object to the court inquiring of mr. zimmerman as to his decision about whether or not to testify. >> your objection is overruled. >> reporter: but after a tense exchange between judge debra nelson and zimmerman's lawyers he made his choice. >> after consulting with counsel, not to testify, your honor. >> reporter: there was also proof in court wednesday you can learn a lot from a dummy. during one of the most surreal moments in court, both sides straddled a foam dummy in attempts to illustrate the conflicting arguments as to what happened the night trayvon martin was killed. prosecutors john guy argued it would be difficult for zimmerman to shoot at a 90-degree angle had trayvon martin been on top as presented by the defense. >>
demonstrations. they love these courtroom demonstrations and it was powerful, especially with john guy using it. a lot of the courtroom watchers are calling him prosecutor mcdreamy. half of the jury stood up and looked over the well to sew what he was doing. i think it went over extremely well. this witness was not a good witness for the defense. i'm not quite sure why they called him. they didn't really need to call this sort of pseudo use of force expert. and the prosecution did a really good job of taking what was a defense witness and then turning him into a prosecution witness by doing this in-courtroom demonstration. it was pretty effective. >> danny, do you think it was effective for the prosecution? >> you have to balance the risk and reward of calling every witness. he was testifying what police officers call continue continuance of force. so you have to ask what was the potential benefit? the down side is the prosecution had the opportunity to cross examine this expert and inquire about things that may not have been appropriate uses of force. so there is a risk and reward. i can stay
head was going to explode. >> reporter: during the prosecution's cross-examination of john root, john guy brought in a foam dummy straddling it showing that george zimmerman was inconsistent about his statement of trayvon martin going for his gun and defense attorney mark o'mara decided he would borrow the mannequin for his own demonstration. >> yes, sir. >> by the way, did you have the defendant do this? >> no, sir. >> when you talked to him, you didn't have him do this? >> no, sir. >> if this person, this mannequin, were carrying a firearm on their waist, where would the gun be right now in relation to me? >> would be at your left inner thigh. >> right here. right? >> yes. if he was right-handed it would be at your left inner thigh, yes, sir. >> right. underneath my leg? >> yes. >> what injuries on mr. zimmerman's back of his head consistent with, someone doing this on cement? >> i don't think so. >> how about this? how about somebody resisting the attempt, the injuries, the two lacerations, could that have come from cement if somebody was resisting pushing me down like? >> i believ
arguments as to what happened the night trayvon martin was killed. prosecuting attorney john guy argued that it could have been difficult for zimmerman to shoot at a 90 degree angle had trayvon martin been on top. >> would it be consistent the 90 degrees if trayvon martin was backing up and the defendant raised his gun and shot at 90 degrees? >> reporter: then defense attorney mark o'mara grabbed the dummy to support his argument. >> the injuries on mr. zimmerman's back on his head consistent with someone doing this? >> reporter: and on the final day of testimony, george zimmerman's father, robert zimmerman returned to the stand to address the screams heard on the 911 tape. >> absolutely, it's my son, george. >> is that an opinion that you still have through today? >> certainly. >> reporter: in another important ruling, judge debra nelson will decide whether or not to grant the prosecution's request to apply lesser charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault. >> self-defense is self-defense to everything. there shouldn't be a second degree murder charge and shouldn't be any lessers.
, they will not go after brown. let's bring in chris and kate. take it away, guys. >> thanks so much, john. see you in a few minutes. >>> it is almost the top of the hour. you know what that means on "new day." time for the top news. >>> a teenager is dead through no fault of his own. >> judgment day for george zimmerman. the prosecution has spoken. did they make their case? now the defense gets their turn. how will they respond? the jury gets the case, today. >>> bracing for the verdict. a town and country on edge. what happens after the verdict is read? police and community leaders are calling for peace. we follow a police chief as he goes door-to-door. >> brace yourself for pain at the pump. it's going to get more expensive. how much higher will it go? >> your "new day" starts right now. >> happy friday, everybody. good morning. welcome to "new day." >> we are joined my michaela. jo coming up, up and down the communities places are submerged. this is the view inside a car as it gets sucked away by a mud slide. we'll have the latest on the cities trying to dry out. >> a "new day" exclusive. an al
you back, christine. >> it's been unbearable with just john here. >>> got a lot of news four this morning, just as you guys following on what we know about flight 214, startling revelations about the pilot. the struggler's experience and we have a "new day" exclusive. yesterday, we heard from three sung siblings remember how eloquent they were surviving the crash. today, we them with their father who got out of the hospital. the story gets even more amazing. >> mother still in the hospital. we're going to talk to them about this experience through this crazy ordeal. >>> also, another "new day" exclusive that we have today. we sat down with amanda berry's grandmother. you're seeing amanda berry right there. we're talking to her grandmother as she watched this new video released of her brave granddaughter thanking supporters for the very first time. we're seeing amanda berry and the two other women who were kidnapped and kept in that house in cleveland for more than a decade. and some circumstances, we're going to hear from the grandmother and talk more about how fabulous they
and how it impacts the people who vote these guys into power. >> john, congress, we've been harping on this, college loans, they campaigned on it, said it was their priority, then they forgot that, let the rates double. now they say they'll try to compromise. where are we? >> right now we're in limbo land. i'm a pessimist often on these things in washington. it's not bad we got to limbo land because we were in political land. the senate had the vote for a temporary action and now we have to negotiate. so there's a new proposal being shaped in the senate. if the senate can pass that they need negotiate with the house. both sides insist there's an urgency to get this done and this is this friday. let's have this conversation next friday and see if they can work it out. they've gotten over the political hump so we'll talk about it. >> jay-z telling a radio station he "of course" gets text messages from the president. does that mean you're getting text messages from the president, too? that's quite a good access. >> let me text beyonce to get the truth from this one. if he is texting th
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)